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Christiano Lanza

Education And Consultancy

Internationally acclaimed hairdressing educator, considered by many to be at the very cutting edge of hairdressing today.


Christiano provides

  • Personalised in-salon consultancy - worldwide.
  • Live demonstrations on all courses and one-day seminars.
  • Presentations using a step-by-step modern approach to hairdressing.
  • A wide range of training techniques.
  • Collection launches, promotional events and product support.
  • Workshop sessions - 3-day or 5-day courses available.
  • iPhone apps illustrating Christiano’s step-by-step techniques.


Christiano Lanza’s passion for hairdressing began in the late 80s and early 90’s. His inspiring journey in education has led him to all four corners of the globe and proudly continues over 40 years of family traditions.

In 2001 Christiano accepted a place joining the highly acclaimed Vidal Sassoon team. Achievements in creative and assessors awards included the title of Colour Director.

Whilst much of his time was spent teaching at the London academies, Christiano also represented in several international shows and seminars as well as featuring in the development of collection techniques in videography publications.

Since 2011 he has continued to work along side leading manufactures, acting as both a consultant and as Christiano Lanza Ltd.

While he is fully committed to educational events, in-salon consultancy and team building remain key to his success.

His continued innovational thinking is at the forefront of modern education and shares a unique philosophy in the importance of communication of shape and colour in hair design.

Christiano Lanza is an engaging and passionate person, with an innate understanding of students from all cultures and their individual needs and motivations. He is widley respected for his expert knowledge, welcoming new and advanced students.


iPhone Applications

Interactive tools used within Christiano Lanza's Curriculums.


Features include :